What Is The Best Way?


My Rolex replica sale that I bought on 8th Feb 2016 has a fault. The Rolex symbol has fallen off. Yesterday I bought another Rolex due to the delay of sending you the watch, you fixing it, and then sending it back.

What is the best way forward, when the new watch arrives send you my old one to be fixed, or provide me with a refund discounting the watch I have just bought?

Actually I’m having bad luck with you and with the purchase. All the problems already mentioned have to add that yesterday I made a week watch as this morning was already standing. That I have to do? Fanciest more money and go to change the battery with only one week of use? This counting the battery but it will make me a refund because it is not normal.
I think for the problems that are giving me and so you can speak well of you, should give me the Swiss replica watches or pay me this money.

Please give me a solution.