Two Alternative Swiss Replica Watches


I am now getting increasingly alarmed and can advise that I will apply for a forced refund through real pay unless I get a response to this email by 6pm UK time on 10th Dec.

I have had £90.41 taken from my account despite you not having the watch I ordered in stock.

I have provided two alternative Swiss replica watches as requested but have had no response.

So I don’t really have much choice unless you can respond and confirm you are about to dispatch one of the alternatives.

I really hope you can fulfil this request as a returning customer. It’s a real shame this is going wrong.

Try to sort his out, I have found other replica watches sale on the website.

I am happy to take the man size watch as an alternative to my original order and also the other order of the two other Rolex which you appear to be unable to deliver. On the assumption that this watch is in stock.

Please confirm that it is being dispatched immediately or confirm you will refund my money.