The Payment Has Been Processed


Sorry, but I have placed orders like this amount before and never been asked to supply a copy of my card, I do not feel happy doing that and I will now like to cancel my replica watches sale order due to this.

I have contacted my bank as you have taken the amount for the Swiss replica watches already! Can you tell me what is going on as I have now cancelled the order and if you had already taken my payment why would you need a copy of my card! I have the authorised number from the bank and the date and time you took my payment. I would like the funds back in my account or I will have to take it further with Visa Team.

I have been given the authorised code and date and time the payment of the Rolex datejust has been processed, this has been done over the phone with my bank and the visa card team.

They said that if I contact you, and give you the code you will be able to put the money back into my account, if not I have got to contact the visa team again Monday and they will be taking it further.