The GMT Hand is Independently Settable


My apologies, I did not realized you did not work on weekends. Final question, do you offer a deliver now- pay later service? Or pay half and pay the rest upon delivery service? The reason I am asking is as mentioned before i have had a few unpleasant experiences where i have trusted websites and sellers have not been honest and have not sent Swiss replica watches i have paid for. Then they stop responding to emails.  It is easy for people do this so i hope you can understand my question and concern, as i do plan to buy regularly from you, providing quality is good. Sorry to be a pain with all the questions.

Can I ask, is the GMT hand independently settable or is it only able to move in 24 hour mode. And which ETA movement is it please because I am only aware of three movements that can be modified for GMT.  The images of the replica watches sale are excellent but I would like some more information please and a few pictures of sides and closer higher resolution. Thank you for your help in researching this model.