Rolex Datejust Automatic Black Dial


I ordered and paid for a watch, I was then advised that the watch is out of stock, I selected an alternate, was told there is too much of a price difference. I was then advised that my money would be refunded. I have made numerous attempts today to get any further assistance, my emails now go unanswered. I would like to know the status. I am a very reasonable person, I was not belligerent, I just want answers.

I will give you an opportunity to resolve this matter between us, as a last resort, I will file an IC3 form with the FBI, they cover computer and internet crimes.

This was the email I received, I did not think a 40$ box was too much of an issue, or I will purchase this item, ***Rolex Datejust Automatic Black Dial #7055***well not really purchase, you already have my money, and as a sign of good faith and compensation for the aggravation, I think it is extremely fair to include the Rolex box.

If this is unacceptable, then continue with the refund process, I will purchase my replica watches sale from another vendor, they are a dime a dozen on the web.