Remove The Watches From The Order


I tried to order Rolex DateJust watch model number 12360 and was not able to edit my order as additional four watches will show on the order. I only want the 12360 on the order. Can you please adjust the order to send me just the 12360 for $86.00 as requested. I do not want the other four watches. I had also requested that I be able to edit the credit card information on the order but was not able to do so. Can you please adjust the order as requested or resend the link with just the replica watches sale model number 12360 on it with ability to edit credit card information.

How can I remove the watches if the order has already been placed. Please do as I requested and remove all watches from the order except for model 12360 for $86.00.  Has my credit card been charged ?  This has been going on for a week and it seems that you have no concern for your customers. My family and I have ordered several Swiss replica watches from you and I expect better customer service.

Please let me know what is the status of the order so we can resolve this issue. It would be nice if you would send an explanation for this, not one and two word emails.