My VISA Capital One Card


You will forgive me, but  I fail to understand, that given you have already taken the money from my account, and everything has been fully paid, why you need to see my visa card.The money is in your account, you took more than you were authorized to do from my VISA Capital One card, so why can’t you simply send the Swiss replica watches to me as they have been fully paid?

Whilst I understand that you need to take certain precautions against fraud, I equally have a problem with providing my details for the same reasons, and in particular, given that my friend Vic didn’t need to provide his card details.
As such, I don’t want to waste any more of my time, so unless you can’t forward the replica watches sale with immediate effect, please credit my VISA Capital One credit card with the full amount that is due. I have to say that I am bitterly disappointed with the appalling way I have been treated by your company, and the fact that you took more money from my card than you were authorized to do. Can you please email to confirm which action you will take, as I will need to respond accordingly.