My Cheap Rolex Datejust


If you cannot get it, so please send me this one. I am still waiting for a reply to my previous email regarding order number 411229, why has my email been ignored? Why have I been charged a total of £101.74 when your advert clearly states inc delivery £93.74? Why have I had to wait so long for delivery? I am not impressed with your lack of customer support and await a reply to this email advertising as a UK website clearly indicates to me and my solicitor that you are a UK based business and not one based in China, none of your adverts give any indication that you charge me a fee to convert sterling to a foreign currency via a third party called “wenlock build stuff sales”, presumably you have given my bank details to this company without my permission! This is not acceptable to me, and appears to be an underhanded method of increasing the price. I therefore expect to receive credit to my bank of £8 forthwith. I am happy to accept a credit note of £20 from you against a further purchase. If you can confirm this by email, we can successfully conclude my complaint. I received my rolex datejust today, I am disappointed, the watch keeps stopping losing  At least 5 minutes every hour. The mechanism is rattle and sounds like tin and there is a grind mark on the front of the case of this replica rolex.