I Bought A Faulty Watch


I bought a replica Rolex Datejust watch on Thursday 3rd March. The transaction number is 14707239, the serial number of the watch is 60157.

Having seen photos of the watch I was quiet happy to buy for 73.31 pounds.

When the watch was delivered to me last week I discovered it would not work.

I took the watch to the jewelers to see if it required a battery. They told me there was no place

for a battery, that it was supposed to be a wind up watch. But that function was not working.

When I looked up the watch on your website there was never anything saying that the replica watches sale would not work.

I am sure I am not the first who has bought your watches and discovered they don’t function. I would like if

you could refund my money as I have bought faulty Swiss replica watches from you, or please replace with watch that works.

Never in any part of your sales did you say it would not work.

I hope you will consider my complaint and refund my money of 73 pound.