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Send Me The Correct Replica Watches Sale


Please let me know what you are going to do as I really cannot wear the Rolex replica sale. The reason I came back to you was for the quality of the replica as when you put the first watch I brought from you next to a real Rolex watch, you could not tell the difference. The one you have sent me is rubbish, it does not even have the sticker on the back. I do not want this watch let me know as soon as possible. I either want a quality replica or my money back.

I have today posted back to you the watch, I do not understand why you have sent me the watch in the first place if it was not the exact replica I ordered. This has now cost me more money in freight to return it. The replica watches sale you send me must be the exact replica as in the pictures. It must have the bigger hour markers, hands, Rolex logo and sticker on the back. As you have the tracking number I would ask you to post to me the correct watch now so I do not have to wait another month for it, I have paid over £200.00 and want the watch I should of received in the first place.

I have no choice then, I will have to wait. It is very worrying that you are not prepared to send the correct watch I ordered until you receive the watch I did not order back! This tells me you either do not trust what I am telling you or there is a possibility the watch will get lost in the post. If the watch gets lost in the post not only will I lose the £222.80 already spent on the incorrect Swiss replica watches sent by you, I will also not be able to claim on any insurance because you told me to value it at $20. This really is not good for me.

What Is The Best Way?


My Rolex replica sale that I bought on 8th Feb 2016 has a fault. The Rolex symbol has fallen off. Yesterday I bought another Rolex due to the delay of sending you the watch, you fixing it, and then sending it back.

What is the best way forward, when the new watch arrives send you my old one to be fixed, or provide me with a refund discounting the watch I have just bought?

Actually I’m having bad luck with you and with the purchase. All the problems already mentioned have to add that yesterday I made a week watch as this morning was already standing. That I have to do? Fanciest more money and go to change the battery with only one week of use? This counting the battery but it will make me a refund because it is not normal.
I think for the problems that are giving me and so you can speak well of you, should give me the Swiss replica watches or pay me this money.

Please give me a solution.

The Best Rolex Replica For Sale


I’m writing to inform you that I’m extremely disappointed after having received my Rolex replica sale order. I got the Rolex replica watch about three weeks ago. A couple days after wearing it, I noticed that the hour hand is out of sink. It moves faster than the minute hand, so the result is that it’s always telling the wrong time, which is annoying because I continue to have to reset the Rolex replica. What good is a watch that doesn’t tell the right time? At this point, I’ve just left it on my dresser table. I’m sad to have wasted $150 on something that doesn’t work.


Myself  purchased this Rolex DateJust several weeks ago.  From the word go
there has been problems with the winder.  After a couple of weeks the
winder completely came out.  I took it to a Watchmaker & he refused to touch
it.  He informed me he should inform Rolex & they would confiscate this fake Rolex watch.  I
have spent almost $230 for a heap of junk.  I also note there is no
sign of the Rolex logo under the six o’clock sign.  I feel you should send
me a new replica Rolex watch and arrange a delivery return.