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Remove The Watches From The Order


I tried to order Rolex DateJust watch model number 12360 and was not able to edit my order as additional four watches will show on the order. I only want the 12360 on the order. Can you please adjust the order to send me just the 12360 for $86.00 as requested. I do not want the other four watches. I had also requested that I be able to edit the credit card information on the order but was not able to do so. Can you please adjust the order as requested or resend the link with just the replica watches sale model number 12360 on it with ability to edit credit card information.

How can I remove the watches if the order has already been placed. Please do as I requested and remove all watches from the order except for model 12360 for $86.00.  Has my credit card been charged ?  This has been going on for a week and it seems that you have no concern for your customers. My family and I have ordered several Swiss replica watches from you and I expect better customer service.

Please let me know what is the status of the order so we can resolve this issue. It would be nice if you would send an explanation for this, not one and two word emails.

I Bought A Faulty Watch


I bought a replica Rolex Datejust watch on Thursday 3rd March. The transaction number is 14707239, the serial number of the watch is 60157.

Having seen photos of the watch I was quiet happy to buy for 73.31 pounds.

When the watch was delivered to me last week I discovered it would not work.

I took the watch to the jewelers to see if it required a battery. They told me there was no place

for a battery, that it was supposed to be a wind up watch. But that function was not working.

When I looked up the watch on your website there was never anything saying that the replica watches sale would not work.

I am sure I am not the first who has bought your watches and discovered they don’t function. I would like if

you could refund my money as I have bought faulty Swiss replica watches from you, or please replace with watch that works.

Never in any part of your sales did you say it would not work.

I hope you will consider my complaint and refund my money of 73 pound.

The Payment Has Been Processed


Sorry, but I have placed orders like this amount before and never been asked to supply a copy of my card, I do not feel happy doing that and I will now like to cancel my replica watches sale order due to this.

I have contacted my bank as you have taken the amount for the Swiss replica watches already! Can you tell me what is going on as I have now cancelled the order and if you had already taken my payment why would you need a copy of my card! I have the authorised number from the bank and the date and time you took my payment. I would like the funds back in my account or I will have to take it further with Visa Team.

I have been given the authorised code and date and time the payment of the Rolex datejust has been processed, this has been done over the phone with my bank and the visa card team.

They said that if I contact you, and give you the code you will be able to put the money back into my account, if not I have got to contact the visa team again Monday and they will be taking it further.

Rolex Datejust Automatic Black Dial


I ordered and paid for a watch, I was then advised that the watch is out of stock, I selected an alternate, was told there is too much of a price difference. I was then advised that my money would be refunded. I have made numerous attempts today to get any further assistance, my emails now go unanswered. I would like to know the status. I am a very reasonable person, I was not belligerent, I just want answers.

I will give you an opportunity to resolve this matter between us, as a last resort, I will file an IC3 form with the FBI, they cover computer and internet crimes.

This was the email I received, I did not think a 40$ box was too much of an issue, or I will purchase this item, ***Rolex Datejust Automatic Black Dial #7055***well not really purchase, you already have my money, and as a sign of good faith and compensation for the aggravation, I think it is extremely fair to include the Rolex box.

If this is unacceptable, then continue with the refund process, I will purchase my replica watches sale from another vendor, they are a dime a dozen on the web.

Rose Gold Rolex Datejust


The Rolex datejust you sent me was not the same as the one in the link you sent me, I wish it was. It is the right model number on the bag but not the right watch. You can plainly see from the pictures I sent you that the watch you sent me is Rose Gold and not a ladies 26mm size but 36mm. This is far to big for my wife and she hates Rose Gold.

The watch in the link you sent me is not the same as the one I received. The the watch I received is a 36 mm Rose gold this is not what I ordered. Please email me with your address so I can return it for a replacement.

Sorry that will not be acceptable, the watch is Rose Gold and has a mother of pearl dial which isn’t what I ordered. The Rolex datejust sale is a Christmas present for my wife and she will not wear rose gold. The watch needs to be yellow gold and 26mm.

It’s been 9 days since I replied to your email, is this ever going to be sorted out? I’ve agreed to your last offer so please let’s sort this out, this is dragging on far to long! How do I pay for the watch at 50% discount, please instruct.