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I Spent A Lot Of Money On This Watch


I have just received my Rolex Datejust sale from your website and although I am happy with the quality, I am very disappointed because you have sent me the wrong size.

On two separate occasions I specified that I would like the ‘Man Size – 40mm’, instead you have sent me Lady Size.

As I am a man with a very large wrist, this watch is no good to me.

I have plans on purchasing several Swiss replica watches from your web site and also recommending my friends and family but will not be willing to do so if problems like this will happen.

I spent a lot of money on this watch and I have been waiting two weeks for it and did not receive the watch size I asked for. How can we fix this problem?

I don’t feel 20% discount can compensate for the error made on your websites behalf, as it would mean I have spent in total almost £500 and would be left with a lady watch I do not want or need.

I understand it would cost me money to send the replica watches sale back and this is something I do not wish to do.

Is buy one get one free possible?

Rose Gold Rolex Datejust


The Rolex datejust you sent me was not the same as the one in the link you sent me, I wish it was. It is the right model number on the bag but not the right watch. You can plainly see from the pictures I sent you that the watch you sent me is Rose Gold and not a ladies 26mm size but 36mm. This is far to big for my wife and she hates Rose Gold.

The watch in the link you sent me is not the same as the one I received. The the watch I received is a 36 mm Rose gold this is not what I ordered. Please email me with your address so I can return it for a replacement.

Sorry that will not be acceptable, the watch is Rose Gold and has a mother of pearl dial which isn’t what I ordered. The Rolex datejust sale is a Christmas present for my wife and she will not wear rose gold. The watch needs to be yellow gold and 26mm.

It’s been 9 days since I replied to your email, is this ever going to be sorted out? I’ve agreed to your last offer so please let’s sort this out, this is dragging on far to long! How do I pay for the watch at 50% discount, please instruct.

My Cheap Rolex Datejust


If you cannot get it, so please send me this one. I am still waiting for a reply to my previous email regarding order number 411229, why has my email been ignored? Why have I been charged a total of £101.74 when your advert clearly states inc delivery £93.74? Why have I had to wait so long for delivery? I am not impressed with your lack of customer support and await a reply to this email advertising as a UK website clearly indicates to me and my solicitor that you are a UK based business and not one based in China, none of your adverts give any indication that you charge me a fee to convert sterling to a foreign currency via a third party called “wenlock build stuff sales”, presumably you have given my bank details to this company without my permission! This is not acceptable to me, and appears to be an underhanded method of increasing the price. I therefore expect to receive credit to my bank of £8 forthwith. I am happy to accept a credit note of £20 from you against a further purchase. If you can confirm this by email, we can successfully conclude my complaint. I received my rolex datejust today, I am disappointed, the watch keeps stopping losing  At least 5 minutes every hour. The mechanism is rattle and sounds like tin and there is a grind mark on the front of the case of this replica rolex.

The Best Rolex Replica For Sale


I’m writing to inform you that I’m extremely disappointed after having received my Rolex replica sale order. I got the Rolex replica watch about three weeks ago. A couple days after wearing it, I noticed that the hour hand is out of sink. It moves faster than the minute hand, so the result is that it’s always telling the wrong time, which is annoying because I continue to have to reset the Rolex replica. What good is a watch that doesn’t tell the right time? At this point, I’ve just left it on my dresser table. I’m sad to have wasted $150 on something that doesn’t work.


Myself  purchased this Rolex DateJust several weeks ago.  From the word go
there has been problems with the winder.  After a couple of weeks the
winder completely came out.  I took it to a Watchmaker & he refused to touch
it.  He informed me he should inform Rolex & they would confiscate this fake Rolex watch.  I
have spent almost $230 for a heap of junk.  I also note there is no
sign of the Rolex logo under the six o’clock sign.  I feel you should send
me a new replica Rolex watch and arrange a delivery return.