Breitling Navitimer


I am going to have to take legal action. I see as I’ve been on to royal mail tracking and they have tried to deliver my watch to you and no one has accepted it, so should I see my lawyer and start proceedings. Also I will contact UK trading standards and HM Customs. Please advise. I want my Breitling Navitimer watch repaired or replaced. I am not happy at all you take my money then take me for a mug it feels. Track No  RJ778019715GB check for yourself. Can you tell me when to expect my watch and tracking details please.  Or do I have to wait another month for reply.  Sorry if this sounds harsh but its taken forever to get reply.  Or shall I just re contact lawyer and just go down the level route.  It has been long enough now and I am fed up with being treated like this.  Please respond. I have consulted my lawyer over this and he has advised me that I should not pay anything as I have already paid for delivery on original purchase, also I had to pay to have this shipped back to you. I have been advised that if you are unwilling to send me Breitling replica sale that my lawyer will start proceedings.