A Free New Bracelet


The watch I am needing to order is the exact same one as I ordered before. I believe it is your watch # 8719.  Also I need your help with replacing the bracelet. As you can see from the picture. The bracelet broke.  If you recall, you and I discussed this and you promised that you would replace it for me if this happened.  I am happy to pay a little extra shipping cost for the bracelet.

  1. I need to order other replica watches identical to the one you see here. It should have a solid black face, no diamonds, no numbers. Just solid black face. But it should have a diamond bezel exactly as the one you see here.
  2. I need for you to send me a new bracelet to replace the one which broke in the picture below.
  3. Please confirm your price as before of $96.00 and I will send it Moneygram to you today.

These are the Swiss replica watches I am needing to order.  As you can see. It is identical to the one I ordered previously from you.  Also, the bracelet is broken and I need to have it replaced.  Can you include a new bracelet with my order for the new watch?