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Send Me The Correct Replica Watches Sale


Please let me know what you are going to do as I really cannot wear the Rolex replica sale. The reason I came back to you was for the quality of the replica as when you put the first watch I brought from you next to a real Rolex watch, you could not tell the difference. The one you have sent me is rubbish, it does not even have the sticker on the back. I do not want this watch let me know as soon as possible. I either want a quality replica or my money back.

I have today posted back to you the watch, I do not understand why you have sent me the watch in the first place if it was not the exact replica I ordered. This has now cost me more money in freight to return it. The replica watches sale you send me must be the exact replica as in the pictures. It must have the bigger hour markers, hands, Rolex logo and sticker on the back. As you have the tracking number I would ask you to post to me the correct watch now so I do not have to wait another month for it, I have paid over £200.00 and want the watch I should of received in the first place.

I have no choice then, I will have to wait. It is very worrying that you are not prepared to send the correct watch I ordered until you receive the watch I did not order back! This tells me you either do not trust what I am telling you or there is a possibility the watch will get lost in the post. If the watch gets lost in the post not only will I lose the £222.80 already spent on the incorrect Swiss replica watches sent by you, I will also not be able to claim on any insurance because you told me to value it at $20. This really is not good for me.

How Do I Order Other Replica Watches Sale?


I received my replica Rolex Datejust about a month ago, nice watch, I’m thinking about getting a submariner or a sea dweller or an explorer and can’t make up my mind.

Anyway, I have a couple problems and would like your advice.

The Rolex GMT is very difficult to set, the last position when you pull out the stem still only moves the GMT hand (like the second last position does). This watch is valueless if you can’t set the time. How do I get this replaced or repaired?

Second, your website is gone. How do I order other replica watches sale once I decide?

I will go and order my watch next week. But before I do I am having second thoughts about model # 40796. I might change my mind.  Can you please answer a few questions for me?

What are the quality differences between your Swiss ETA 2836 movements and your Asia ETA 3135 and Asia 3136? Which is the best quality and why? which is worst and why? Why would I pay more for the Asia movements?

With all due respect, you only answered the last question, and even your answer did not include any information on how each is different.

I am trying to make a decision on which of three Swiss replica watches to buy. What is the difference between 3135 and 3136? How is each upgraded from the 2836?

It would greatly help me to know and I would appreciate your sharing your unique knowledge on this please.

Even with your kind offer of 15% off, I have held off on ordering a second watch until I have had the first one for awhile. It’s turned out to be fortunate as I have had a second, more serious problem with my first watch ordered.

Remove The Watches From The Order


I tried to order Rolex DateJust watch model number 12360 and was not able to edit my order as additional four watches will show on the order. I only want the 12360 on the order. Can you please adjust the order to send me just the 12360 for $86.00 as requested. I do not want the other four watches. I had also requested that I be able to edit the credit card information on the order but was not able to do so. Can you please adjust the order as requested or resend the link with just the replica watches sale model number 12360 on it with ability to edit credit card information.

How can I remove the watches if the order has already been placed. Please do as I requested and remove all watches from the order except for model 12360 for $86.00.  Has my credit card been charged ?  This has been going on for a week and it seems that you have no concern for your customers. My family and I have ordered several Swiss replica watches from you and I expect better customer service.

Please let me know what is the status of the order so we can resolve this issue. It would be nice if you would send an explanation for this, not one and two word emails.

I Spent A Lot Of Money On This Watch


I have just received my Rolex Datejust sale from your website and although I am happy with the quality, I am very disappointed because you have sent me the wrong size.

On two separate occasions I specified that I would like the ‘Man Size – 40mm’, instead you have sent me Lady Size.

As I am a man with a very large wrist, this watch is no good to me.

I have plans on purchasing several Swiss replica watches from your web site and also recommending my friends and family but will not be willing to do so if problems like this will happen.

I spent a lot of money on this watch and I have been waiting two weeks for it and did not receive the watch size I asked for. How can we fix this problem?

I don’t feel 20% discount can compensate for the error made on your websites behalf, as it would mean I have spent in total almost £500 and would be left with a lady watch I do not want or need.

I understand it would cost me money to send the replica watches sale back and this is something I do not wish to do.

Is buy one get one free possible?