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The GMT Hand is Independently Settable


My apologies, I did not realized you did not work on weekends. Final question, do you offer a deliver now- pay later service? Or pay half and pay the rest upon delivery service? The reason I am asking is as mentioned before i have had a few unpleasant experiences where i have trusted websites and sellers have not been honest and have not sent Swiss replica watches i have paid for. Then they stop responding to emails.  It is easy for people do this so i hope you can understand my question and concern, as i do plan to buy regularly from you, providing quality is good. Sorry to be a pain with all the questions.

Can I ask, is the GMT hand independently settable or is it only able to move in 24 hour mode. And which ETA movement is it please because I am only aware of three movements that can be modified for GMT.  The images of the replica watches sale are excellent but I would like some more information please and a few pictures of sides and closer higher resolution. Thank you for your help in researching this model.

A Free New Bracelet


The watch I am needing to order is the exact same one as I ordered before. I believe it is your watch # 8719.  Also I need your help with replacing the bracelet. As you can see from the picture. The bracelet broke.  If you recall, you and I discussed this and you promised that you would replace it for me if this happened.  I am happy to pay a little extra shipping cost for the bracelet.

  1. I need to order other replica watches identical to the one you see here. It should have a solid black face, no diamonds, no numbers. Just solid black face. But it should have a diamond bezel exactly as the one you see here.
  2. I need for you to send me a new bracelet to replace the one which broke in the picture below.
  3. Please confirm your price as before of $96.00 and I will send it Moneygram to you today.

These are the Swiss replica watches I am needing to order.  As you can see. It is identical to the one I ordered previously from you.  Also, the bracelet is broken and I need to have it replaced.  Can you include a new bracelet with my order for the new watch?

Why Do I Choose Your Website


I chose your website because I was lead to believe it was a British website and that I was promised, via your wording, high quality replica watches hence me being confident to buy two but I have received two very poor fakes that are nothing like they should be but the most important thing not as you described them on your website. I could have gone to any of over 100 websites to pick a poor fake but I chose your website because you lead me to believe yours was the best.

I need to know what you are going to do to make this right for me.

Thanks for your quick response and your offer of a discount.  I am going to order the two Swiss replica watches I want below, so that you can tell me how much they are with the discount and how I can pay for it.

Also, do you have a suggestion for where I can get one of your watches repaired in Atlanta, GA USA, because one of the perpetual replica watches sale we ordered from you before has stopped running.

Rose Gold Rolex Datejust


The Rolex datejust you sent me was not the same as the one in the link you sent me, I wish it was. It is the right model number on the bag but not the right watch. You can plainly see from the pictures I sent you that the watch you sent me is Rose Gold and not a ladies 26mm size but 36mm. This is far to big for my wife and she hates Rose Gold.

The watch in the link you sent me is not the same as the one I received. The the watch I received is a 36 mm Rose gold this is not what I ordered. Please email me with your address so I can return it for a replacement.

Sorry that will not be acceptable, the watch is Rose Gold and has a mother of pearl dial which isn’t what I ordered. The Rolex datejust sale is a Christmas present for my wife and she will not wear rose gold. The watch needs to be yellow gold and 26mm.

It’s been 9 days since I replied to your email, is this ever going to be sorted out? I’ve agreed to your last offer so please let’s sort this out, this is dragging on far to long! How do I pay for the watch at 50% discount, please instruct.

My VISA Capital One Card


You will forgive me, but  I fail to understand, that given you have already taken the money from my account, and everything has been fully paid, why you need to see my visa card.The money is in your account, you took more than you were authorized to do from my VISA Capital One card, so why can’t you simply send the Swiss replica watches to me as they have been fully paid?

Whilst I understand that you need to take certain precautions against fraud, I equally have a problem with providing my details for the same reasons, and in particular, given that my friend Vic didn’t need to provide his card details.
As such, I don’t want to waste any more of my time, so unless you can’t forward the replica watches sale with immediate effect, please credit my VISA Capital One credit card with the full amount that is due. I have to say that I am bitterly disappointed with the appalling way I have been treated by your company, and the fact that you took more money from my card than you were authorized to do. Can you please email to confirm which action you will take, as I will need to respond accordingly.